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Elijah Wood for the January 2013 issue of GQ Brasil.

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The Faith of the Seven
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things i love

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The Chronicles of Narnia Meme:

One Movie: [1/1] Prince Caspian

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Uchiha Itachi - Appreciation post. 

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the anti love triangle ya book masterpost


are you done with reading a young adult book that springs a love triangle upon you and you HATE IT SO MUCH (i might be a little more passionate about my hatred than is healthy…) and you just wish you could find good books that incorporate romance without love triangles??? your wish is my command :-) to make it easier for you, i’ve organized the list by genre under the cut  (and yes i realize there are more books than this but i’m lazy and it’s hard to find these bc honestly i think love triangles are like the annoying fad)

* all books with series are followed by the number of books in the series in parenthesis and are listed by the name of the first book, which is guaranteed love triangle free. i tried my best to only pick series where the entirety is free of love triangles, but i may have slipped up and made a mistake here and there

** this list was, sadly, hard to put together :-(

*** i am extremely apologetic for the lack of science fiction books. blame authors

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The Hobbit cast signing to fans in Comic-Con International 2014 

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